White America Seems to be Okay with Fascism.

It’s Day 3 following the election of Donald J. Trump to be 45th president of these States (cannot call them United because we are anything but). We could discuss how he is filling his coming administration with establishment types who seem to share one unifying vision: that of an America based solely on White Male Dominance. That, in itself, is bad enough. But what is worse is that a majority of white Americans based on the election results seem to believe there is nothing wrong with that.

Pundits are all telling us how everyone got it wrong about the election because no one considered the feelings of the many “Forgotten” Americans. These poor “Forgotten” Americans who don’t live on the Coasts and are made fun of by these East Coast Elites. How their way of life is dying and no one seems to care about them. About how the factories have closed, opportunities have dried up, and their precarious economic future. And so they voted for Trump because he promised to bring back jobs, to save their economies, to make sure no one forgot them.

Only that’s really just bullshit. That’s not what happened at all. Yes, certainly there was a backlash by the white working class who have seen their way of life change, but change is inevitable. And more than anything else, what many were voting for  was against the inevitability that whites will be a minority in America fairly soon.

Take for instance the New York Post story about these forgotten voters http://nypost.com/2016/11/09/trumps-voters-were-hidden-in-plain-sight/. The reporter went out to Pittsburgh and tells us they are not who we think they are, and in that she is quite correct, because the supposed forgotten voter she interviews is a doctor who makes quite a good living, has a nice house, lives in Suburbia, takes his kids to soccer practice and games, and is well-off, if not rich. Yet this doctor complains about being ignored. So he voted for Trump because he feels he won’t be ignored anymore. He voted for a xenophobic, misogynistic bigoted Fascist because he is doing so well that no one was paying him the amount of attention he wanted. Think about that for a moment.

He says he holds no malice. He says progressive policies that threaten his way of life are what made him vote for Trump. He says no way is Trump going to be “THAT BAD.” But what he is really saying is that his precious sensibilities are upset by the fact that NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM! As if anyone actually needs to.

He has had every advantage throughout his life, he has achieved the American Dream, yet his response to being allowed to live his American Dream without interference is to burn it all down because he is no longer the center of attention. And we’re supposed to sympathize? Fuck that shit!

He feels it’s perfectly okay to set back civil rights, to set back women’s reproductive rights, to foster hatred of the other, to set back affordable healthcare for millions, simply because he feels he’s been neglected for eight years. Never mind that minorities in our country have been neglected for over 200 years.

Yet the pundit class is already trying to normalize this shit as if it makes sense and as if this is a legitimate complaint. Just like they normalize white men killing police officers (6 in the past week); but a Muslim does it, they are a terrorist; a Hispanic does it, they are a drug dealer; a black man does it, he’s a thug. White man does it; it’s a mental health issue.

Reading that article – and being told how important it was to take into consideration the feelings of the man in the article – outrages me. Here he is declaring I’m white. Why doesn’t any consider my feelings? A doctor, who lives in a nice house, with his nice wife and kids, and lives a nice suburban life. Yet he’s upset that he’s being ignored. Just how fucked up do you have to be to live in a bubble that fucking restricted?