So What Do We Consider Good Policy, Anyway?

The economy grew by 5% last quarter. 5%! That’s China numbers. The Dow just hit 18,000, when it was 7,989 when the present administration took office. Job growth has been the best its been since before the last administration, which managed to lose millions of jobs. The price of gas continues to drop while US oil production is now challenging Saudi Arabia. We have – albeit a lousy one – a national health insurance policy which has lowered the number not covered by insurance to the lowest rate ever. Mubarak is out in Egypt. Tunisia just held free and fair elections. The US has significantly reduced its presence in Afghanistan – the country nicknamed the Death of Empires – and is mostly out of Iraq, a war we should never have been in in the first place. Russia, whom everyone had been saying was going to be a thorn in the West’s side, is now on the verge of economic collapse because the West seems to have found enough of a spine to sanction them.

There have been challenges, of course: Libya is still a mess. Syria is a mess. In fact, the entire Middle East is a mess, but as Donald Rumsfeld was so quick to tell us: Democracy is messy. Europe is still in recession, but it’s pretty difficult to blame that on the present administration. Wage growth has been anemic; big banks have become bigger; ACA, while covering more people, is in some ways a shambles. Yet overall, the US is in better shape than just about everyone else in the World, with the possible exceptions of those damn socialist countries of Norway, Denmark, & Sweden.

So given all that, what the fuck is up with some of the so-called experts commenting on the US?

There’s really no polite way to say this: There are great swathes of so-called experts who are just wrong; and not just a little wrong, but wrong in gigantic, fucking, mind-numbing, stupidly wrong ways. The examples that come immediately to mind are US policy towards Russia and the economy,

Take Russia, please!

Two years ago, the so-called security experts were howling that Putin was playing chess while Obama was playing checkers; that Russia was drinking the US’s milkshake; that we were somehow losing status to those damn Russkies and it was all the administration’s fault because they were not taking an extremely hard line with Putin.

So two years later, what exactly has happened? The US and the West have placed sanctions on Russia because of it’s aggression against Ukraine, and the Russian economy is making the Titanic look like a slow leak. No one, and I mean no one, amongst the many IR experts expected that the West would come together and sanction Russia. Yet the West did, including France which had just finished building two warships for Russia. Every single IR expert who had been complaining about how the US was weak towards Russia and that sanctions against Russia would never be imposed because the US was weak was wrong. Let me repeat that, every single IR expert talking about US weakness against Russia was wrong!

So you would think that the response in this case would be to admit you were wrong and move on.


It seems what you do is you double down on being wrong. You continue to howl about how Putin this, Putin that, and how the present administration is screwing up, even while the facts on the ground show that you are completely full of shit. And the mainstream media, in their infinite unholy quest for higher ratings, brings you on and let’s you spout this stupidity without so much as a little question like, But aren’t you wrong?”

And the economy?

It is by far one of the largest abuses of public trust that the media has ever perpetrated on the American people that the American people do not know that the economy is getting better. The American people know it’s getting better as the Consumer Confidence Index is up to 94%, but again, you wouldn’t know the economy’s getting better if watch only the mainstream media. Because the guests that come on? Why, they are all experts who say the economy is getting worse, that this is the worst economy ever.

Yes, there are problems: wage growth is anemic; banks are finding ways to circumvent regulation; we need to do better rebuilding infrastructure. But 5% GDP in the last quarter? 200,000 + jobs month over month? Seriously?

The reality is is that the “experts” who keep telling us this bullshit just don’t like this administration and simply cannot see past their own biases. These “experts” are so locked into their particular view of reality that actual reality cannot intrude. Every mistake and misstep confirms their view; every positive action is dismissed as not relevant. Their confirmation bias is so extreme, they simply cannot admit to being wrong. So they continue to push forward with their policy proposals which have already been proven to be wrong as though reality were not happening. And, unfortunately, these are the people who get listened to.

So the question becomes: What are you going to believe? Actual facts, or the ramblings of “experts” who have been and continue to be completely wrong about everything?


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